Some may go the “Poloo” way by doing every odd thing to attract attention to their craft so as to secure movie roles but this fan has gotten it very simple just because she is taller than Yvonne Nelson and she luckily met her.

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The superstar actress was out and about promoting her latest movie “Sin City” where she randomly met a fan, whom she was surprised was taller than her.

Yvonne appeared so shocked and suggested that the girl, who has been identified as Sandra, should consider acting. Ryn’s mother immediately exchanged contacts with the girl and promised to reach out to her later.

Yvonne Nelson and Sandra
Yvonne Nelson and Sandra

Videos of the moment Yvonne met Sandra comes with so much inspiration to love yourself because you never who you will ever meet and will be very interested in something unique about you to the point of making you a superstar.

Never be discouraged either if you are short, you could meet Kevin Hart tomorrow who may be surprised you are shorter than him and that may be your discovery moment too for some Hollywood stardom.

Yvonne Nelson is around 6ft tall so that makes up for her surprise to see another woman taller than her, hence, her interest in her. Watch more from the videos below and tell us what you think.