In late July of 2014 the deadly Ebola virus was sweeping through Liberia and neighboring Guinea and Sierra Leone.

It was a whirlwind of fear and confusion as people finally began to understand the gravity of the situation.

A young recording artiste Christopher "Christoph The Change" Nyenga faced uncertainty of what he should do.

"I thought that if I stayed my future I   would be cut short. As all prayers I did not know a plan was being made for me exit."

"I am blessed to have three men who play the role of  father in my life. Jack Nyenga  William Tubman, and my brotherAlex Nyenga aka Jackie Russ (The Best Egineer in Liberia) who have been behind me unconditionally."

"My father/manager at the time, William Tubman flew me and my brothers Paul Massaquoi and Blaise Tubman out of Liberia. He was concerned about our safety. I was grateful for this alone ,but now I know it was a factor in me reaching goals I did not think possible before," says Christopher.

Christoph and the crew ended up in Ghana.

"Everyday I would wake up and see that someone we knew was a casualty of the Ebola crisis in Liberia. I was so grateful to the people of Ghana for not allowing fear to grip them. They kept the doors open. I will never forget it," say Christoph.

While in Ghana, Christoph collaborated with the likes of Scientific and even had a face meeting with Fuse ODG and his manager Andre Hackett.

"I will never forget the advice, Fuse gave me. He told me that no matter how good my last project was the next one has to be better and that I should keep my ears open for the truth about my work. I think it humbled me. I am so much better for it."

In March of 2015 Christoph collaborated with Joshua Mensah on his video for the Liberian hit "Gbanna Man".

"It was the moment I knew the tide was changing. I saw the potential that others saw in me. This could not have happened without me coming to Ghana and meeting so many people who welcomed me as there own and helped me improve my craft."

In April 2015 he returned to Liberia and his music skyrocketed!

The Change was finally becoming a household name.

" I want to make the difference in Liberian music. It is our story.  I want to tell it."

After hard work and perseverance Christoph has been nominated for "Best New Artist of Year" for the Liberian Entertainment Awards that will be hosted in the USA  later this year.

"I am blessed to just be nominated. If I win I will share the win with all those who made this happen. I feel that the people of Ghana will be in that," he concluded.