Former R2Bees Entertainment record label act,

The "Joy Daddy" rapper uploaded a video to his Facebook page today, April 13, where he revealed that his latest track titled "Bie Gya" with Stonebwoy was stolen by Shatta Wale.

He further described Shatta Wale as ingrate for letting go of some of the pioneers of Shatta Movement Family.

"You are a serious sell-out, Shatta Wale. Don't go to social media and act as if you are a real nigga (guy) when in reality, you are not," Waddle stated. "You have sold out all the pioneers of Shatta Movement Family label. That is not the life of a gangster; a gangster stays real all the time," he continued.

"I have been very loyal to you. When you had issues with Chatterhouse over Ghana Music Awards, you had no support until I came in to support you because I realised you were fighting for Ghanaian musicians. Not knowing, you were fighting for your personal interest," Criss revealed his loyalty to Shatta Wale.

Waddle went further to link his lies to why Bulldog went scot-free after he (Shatta Wale) accused him (Bulldog) of murder.

He insulted Shatta Wale's fans, calling them fools and finally threatened to expose screenshots of his chat with Wale's wife, Shatta Michy.

Watch the full video below.