The song titled “Point Of Correction” comes as her reply to Eno Barony’s numerous jabs in her recent diss songs where she constantly bragged of being the best female rapper and rubbed it on the faces of other female rappers like Freda Rhymz.

However, according to Freda, the likes of Eno only came to pave the way and aren't worth the titles they are claiming themselves now. “2020 you are still fighting over crown" she rapped. Going head to head with her colleague female rapper, she advised her to stop speaking proverbs like a villager to claim the title as Queen of Rap.

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Picking on Eno for also saying that “your body is hard like a teacher’s wife” in one of her songs, Freda in new song said, “the wives of the teachers are disappointed in you”. The “Saa Chick No” rapper didn’t leave it there, she also took jabs at Sista Afia for throwing punches at her by listing some musician she alleged banged for features.

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