The “One Naira” rapper dropped a new cypher featuring 3 young Nigerian rappers and dropping bars about his lyrical dexterity, he rated himself the best in Africa.

In the new song titled “Martell Cypher 2” M.I mentioned that so far as he lives, he’ll be Africa’s best rapper and also listed the number of rappers from countries in Africa, who can come close to him.

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He rapped “ So who really is the best rappers in Africa? … I put it like this as long as M.I exists. I am number one and figure out the rest on the list. Here we go, there’s two Ghanaians and three rappers from S.A and one Kenyan rapper can step to me on a best day, as for Naija I give the legends their props … these four niggas who did it like me

The song has since sparked controversy on social media as fans are trying to figure out, which two Ghanaian rappers M.I considers as the only candidates close to his lyrical prowess. 

Watch the official music video to the song below and tell us what you think.