A woman whose marriage has virtually broken for the past two years has been chasing her former husband and his family to come and take back the bride price he had paid for her and issue her a receipt.

According to reports, the marriage hit the rocks following alleged abuses the man inflicted on the woman.

The man has actually moved on since and has reportedly taken another woman who she keeps taunting his former wife with, saying the new partner is more beautiful.

Emeka Ugwuonye, a Human Rights Lawyer who apparently serves as the woman’s council wrote the development online.

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Emeka said: “He abused his wife. He maltreated her. He starved her. He told her that his current girlfriend is prettier. He even denied the vow he made at the altar. He said to her: "I never told you I loved you or that you would be my only wife". He neglected and abandoned her. He threatened her with divorce. He even made a "mock demand" for the refund of the bride price.

“After enduring and praying for him to change, she found the courage and left the marriage. Now, for two years, she has been begging him and his people to come and take the bride price and the man has been posting her. He believes that if he does not take the bride price, he would continue to hold the lady hostage and prevent her from remarrying.”