It was an atmosphere of fear and shock when residents of Atrama and Ampabame in the Afigya-Kwabre District of the Ashanti Region woke up only to hear the news of a woman who was found dead in a bush.

Suspicions are rife among the residents that the incident might be a ritual murder.

According to reports, the body of the deceased believed to be in her twenties had been wrapped in a nylon sack popularly known as "Ghana Must Go" and dumped on the side of a bush-road near the two communities.

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Some of the residents claim an unidentified person on motorbike deposited the body in the bush last Sunday.

Initially, some people had thought the content was refuse because people dump waste at the said location. However, the stench emanating from the apparently decomposed corpse caught the attention of passers-by.

Meanwhile some of the residents said they suspect a foul play. In their view, the development was an attempt by the perpetrators to cover up their criminal act by dumping the body there in order to make indigenes the first suspects.

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Reports suggest that police have conveyed the corpse to the morgue for a possible autopsy, but have declined to make any initial comments. They have however assured residents of intensified police patrols in the area.

However, the police’s assurance did not completely allay the fears of the residents. Out of fear, some of them said they will avoid that particular route on suspicion that the perpetrators may still be hiding around the area to commit more crime.