Medics and Ambulance services in Manchester had a really tough time taking care of students after they got so intoxicated that they could not find their way home.

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While some teenagers were seen collapsed on the floor, others were also supporting their unresponsive friends after a drunken night of merriment.

Some of the students appeared to have regretted how the party ended, especially as they saw one student pushed into the back of an ambulance while medics also atended to an unresponsive first-year drooping on the ground.

A photograph also showed another teenager being led away from a nightclub while others were capture bowing their heads holding bottles.

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Free of their parents for the first time, these teenagers celebrated the start of their new life away from home by partying until the early hours of the morning and drinking dangerous amounts of alcohol.

However, the reveling didn’t end exactly as planned for everybody as similar shocking scenes were witnessed in all corners of the country.

Hundreds simply collapsed and slept on the street, leaving themselves open to potential abuse, while others urinated were they stood; completely unconscious.