Bride’s white wedding gown turns brown, groom carries her as car gets stuck on muddy road (video)

Attempts by a groom to save his bride after the car conveying them got stuck on a muddy road became fruitless as her white wedding gown fell into the muddy water.

Bride’s white wedding gown turns brown, groom carries her as car gets stuck on muddy road (video)

The incident was filmed and the video was shared online. The couple was heading to church for their wedding when the car broke down on a busy muddy road, according to

The situation forced the groom to fold his trousers and step into the muddy water to save the bride.

He carried her while walking in the muddy water to a dryer ground for her to sit in another vehicle but the dreaded situation which was being avoided happened eventually.

The bride forgot that her gown was long, so she needed to hold it up in a way that it would not fall into the muddy water.

The video was shared by Instagram user @plan10seller on his page and it has triggered reactions from other users with some sharing similar experiences while others read spiritual meaning into the incident.

In another wedding-related news, mixed reactions have greeted a dramatic video of traditional marriage in which the bride stood stiff and motionless without smiling or dancing despite the loads of cash her smiley groom was spraying on her.

The bride and other attendees of the event are seen dancing and rejoicing to music being played in the background but none of those would move the bride.

While some people suspect that the young lady might have been forced into the marriage against her will, others say it is a tradition of Nigeria’s southern Ijaw people of Bayelsa.

The traditional marriage took place in Nigeria. At a point, the man approached the bride and whispered something in her ears while spreading the cash on her but she didn’t smile or show any sign that she was happy about the big day.


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