Court orders Nigerian lawmaker pay N50m (GHS754k) to nursing mother he slapped at sex toy shop

A Nigerian woman who was slapped by one of the country’s senators at a sex toy shop has now gotten justice as a Federal High Court in Abuja ordered him to pay her a whopping fifty million-naira (N50m) equivalent to GHS754,889.17 among other things for the widely condemned assault.

Court orders Nigerian lawmaker pay N50m (GHS754k) to nursing mother he slapped at sex toy shop

It would be recalled that news about Elisha Abbo, the PDP Senator for Adamawa North slapping a nursing mother repeatedly at a sex toy shop on May 11, 2019, made news headlines.

According to the, the youngest senator in the country was said to have entered a sex toy shop around 6 pm, with three young women to purchase adult toys. But shortly after they began shopping for the toys, one of the three girls started throwing up. She vomited multiple times, prompting the shop owner to remark that the woman should have vomited outside and not inside her shop. Abbo, who was said to be agitated by the sudden illness of the girl, was said to have accused the shop owner of poisoning the store’s air conditioner.

The shop owner’s argument that if the air conditioner had been contaminated others in the shop would have also taken ill was said to have angered Abbo, and the two began exchanging words over the matter. The senator was said to have called a policeman who he then ordered to arrest the shop owner. The shop owner quickly called her father to inform him that Abbo had called police over the matter and that she was about to be taken away.

The shop owner’s friend identified as Osimibibra Warmate who had been standing nearby tried to intervene by pleading with the second man to take things easy but was slapped repeatedly by the lawmaker.

The incident was widely condemned with many people saying that Abbo was unfit to be a lawmaker, a situation which made him render an apology to the victim days later.

“It is with a deep sense of remorse and responsibility that I, Senator Ishaku Abbo profoundly apologize to all Nigerians, the Senate, the Peoples Democratic Party, my family as well as our mothers- the Nigerian women.

“I personally apologize to Babra (the lady he reportedly assaulted) and her family for my action which has brought immense discomfort to our body polity. Watch the video again:

“l have never been known or associated with such actions in the past. Regardless of what transpired prior to my expression of anger, I am sincerely sorry and plead that all men and women of good conscience should have the heart to forgive me. To err is human, to forgive is divine.

“To the Church of God everywhere in the world, I am sorry. As an Ambassador of Christ, much is expected of me.

“My family and religious upbringing do not approve of such conduct and for this, as a leader, I seek forgiveness before God and all those who feel offended by my action.

“Indeed, this episode has taught me a very great lesson both as a private citizen and a public officer particularly as a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria upon whom public confidence is reposed,” the senator’s apology read.

Well, despite the apology, the woman still went to the court to seek redress and now justice has been served to her over a year after the assault.

A Federal High Court in Abuja ordered Elisha Abbo to pay N50M as compensation to Osimibibra Warmate and then apologise to her again in a national daily newspaper.

The court’s ruling has been greeted with a lot of excitement, especially among gender activists. Lugard Tare-Otu and Nelson who identified themselves as Warmate’s lawyers could simply not hide their joy.

”Remember that video of a Nigerian senator slapping/assaulting a young lady at a shop? Well, justice was served today with the court slamming the sum of N50M against the Senator. I am delighted to have represented that young lady in this suit. We say no more to oppression,” Nelson took to Twitter to write.

Meanwhile, Abbo’s lawyers have hinted at appealing the court’s decision which they can do within 90 days, reports say.

A Magistrates’ Court had earlier dismissed criminal charges filed against the senator by the Nigerian police but the High Court ruling in the civil case found him liable to the offence.


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