A Nigerian man who recently lost his father-in-law has now been given an outrageous list of things he is mandated to present to the family for the funeral of his wife’s father.

Nathaniel Umoh who doubles as the first son-in-law to his wife’s family was asked to bring one live cow, alongside some other numerous items as his contribution to the burial ceremony of his deceased father-in-law.

Aside from the cow, the man is also expected to present 2 goats, 1 bag of rice, 10 tubers of yam, 4 litres of Ufobob, 5 bottles of assorted hot drinks, 20 litres of palm wine, 10 cartons of beer, 10 crates of soft drink, and lots more.

As if it was a bride price, Nathaniel Umoh must add a cash price of N300,000 to the above-mentioned items.

The said deceased man reportedly hails from Akwa-Ibom State of Nigeria.

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Family gives man outrageous list for his father-in-law’s funeral
Family gives man outrageous list for his father-in-law’s funeral

According to gistreel.com, Umoh who appears to be unhappy about the tall list shared it on social media and it has been circulating online.

It is not clear if he was aware of the tradition from the onset but was not expecting the old man to die now or he was completely unaware.