Kenya’s Tahidi High actor Peter Kamau Kinuthia popularly known by his stage name as Omosh could not control his tears while narrating how unbearable life has become for him and his family after the Television show in which he used to feature ended in 2020.

In a recent interview, an excerpt of which is circulating online, Omosh said since the TV show was canceled in 2020 after airing for 14 consecutive years, he was rendered jobless and helpless.

He added that the situation is so bad that he now depends on the benevolence of his neighbors and friends for the survival of himself and his children.

He made the heartbreaking disclosures during an interview with Hiram Maina on Friday, February 12 and further revealed that he has not paid house rent for more than one year now and his rent arrears have accrued to over KSh 150, 000, as translated in a report by

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"I have no food for my kids" – Actor cries during interview, says "I just want a job”
"I have no food for my kids" – Actor cries during interview, says "I just want a job”

"Since the show was canceled, my friends and neighbors have been footing my bills. I have nothing to do, sometimes I leave my house smartly dressed but I'm heading nowhere, I don't have food for my kids, I have not paid my rent," said Omosh.

"There is nothing as painful as waking up everyday and you are going nowhere. Sometimes I get outside the house at night and cry to my God, wondering if he has forsaken me," he added.

Omosh begged Kenyans to help him get a job or start a business, saying he was up for any kind of opportunity.

According to him, he is a qualified driver and has a driving license.

"I just want a job, even if I will be getting Ksh200 a day. I don't mind about class and even if someone decides to start a hotel business where I can sell uji and tea, I am okay with that," quoted him as saying.

Fortunately, having heard about the predicament of Omosh, his fellow actor, comedian and radio presenter Felix Odiwuor aka Jalang'o was touched has offered to help raise KSh 1 million for him to clear his outstanding debts and invest in some income-generating project that will put him back on track.

Felix Odiwuor aka Jalang'o was not the only one touched by Omosh’s situation. Other celebrities including Maria's Dorea Chege aka Magie and Alinur Mohamed who also pledged to rally their friends to help the former actor regain some respite.