"It is very foolish to provide for your children and grandchildren", priest cautions parents

A priest ranting about parents who foolishly build houses and properties for their children has gone viral.


According to him, providing for your children is very foolish as it inhibits their natural gifts and talents God gave them. He says providing a comfortable life is very dangerous for a child’s success. 

He further explained his position on the matter by saying that every child was born with brains. And that God gave every child ingenuity from birth. And thus providing everything for that child will lead to stagnant brain growth. 

He also said that means you will deny the world that unique gift you child was to contribute to progress. He said, “When you build houses for your child and make provision for a comfortable life for the child. What happens is the gifts and natural talents the child came with remains dormant.”

He cited examples saying those that have accomplished the most in the world in any generation are not people whose parents provided for them. He further explained that wealth is now created when a smart child takes his father’s laptop and develops apps. And that such children are among the richest people in the world.

He said what parents are supposed to do is to provide education and the child will use what he came into the world with it to accomplish great things. 


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