What started as a teenager in junior high school putting various metallic objects together to have fun is fast becoming a reality.

Kantanka Automobile, led by the CEO of Kantanka Group of Companies, Kwadwo Safo Jnr, has manufactured a new car model in the exact model of that of Odartey, and it is called Kantanka Akofena.

The CEO shared a photo of the car that is still being worked on at the factory in a post sighted on his personal Twitter handle.

A critical look at the Akofena shows that it is a replica of Kelvin Odartey’s car in shape and form.

It all started when a video of the 18-year-old JHS graduate who built a car with scraps went viral on social media and got people talking in Ghana and beyond.

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The young talent subsequently earned a scholarship from Kwadwo Safo Junior who offered to mentor him to pursue his passion.

Odartey became popular on social media after he drove the self-made car to the 2020 Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) centre to write his final paper.

Some people are speculating that Kantanka Automobile is probably manufacturing the new model in partnership with the young boy, a development many believe would be a turning point for the young Odartey although details are not known.

Although the alleged partnership is not confirmed yet, some social media users have been expressing their admiration for the car and the potential good news it might be for the talented young boy.

In an earlier interview with Pulse.com.gh, Odartei said the name of his car brand is “Kejelvesuims”. He said the brand name is was derived from “my name Kelvin and combination of Jesus.”

On how he started building cars, Odartey said he was home one day and saw a plane passing by “something asked me if I can make a plane and I said yes I could do it. Then it told me that if I can do it, just make a move and start doing something.”

“So, I decided to build an airplane and I took it to school. The plane could fly to a certain level but I was not happy with it. I wanted it to fly higher and faster. So, I decided to build a car on my own instead.”

Odartey said that his main reason for building this car is to show his skills which he hopes will make him get help to further his education and also build better cars.

From a one-man car builder, Odartei now has a team of people he works with. He said that it is the teamwork that caused him to build a bigger car from the smaller ones he formally was making.