How married man glued to secret lover during sex

A married man who was sleeping with someones wife fell a victim of the dreaded Magun charm.

Magun strikes

In what can be seen as the Law of Karma catching up with a serial adulterer, a married man's day of reckoning came when he was caught stuck in between the legs of his secret lover, herself a married man, a re-enaction of the famous 'Magun' (thunderbolt charm).


The sordid incident, according to reports, happened in a community in the Yewa Local Government Area of Ogun State, when the man, identified simply as Ishola, who is married with children, was caught in the web of the popular Yoruba charm meant to check married women who are promiscuous.

The story goes that the woman who is known to sleep around with men even though she is married and living with her husband and children, was warned several times by the husband to desist from her flirtatious lifestyle but all the warnings fell on deaf ears as she continued to sleep around.

The husband, in a bid to curtail her ways, decided to plant the charm on her and the unfortunate man to be caught was Ishola while they were having sex in her shop.


After they must have exhausted themselves, Ishola was said to have found it difficult to disentangle himself and it was his screams for help that brought people to the scene and on forcing the door of the shop open, the two secret lovers were found stuck together.

To set them free, the husband of the woman was invited and after a lot of begging, the man agreed to set them free but after he had collected some expensive items from Ishola's family to appease the gods.

To add insult to the injury, his wife is said to have packed out of his house.



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