However, an ignorant little boy was lucky to have a pizza delivered to him by the police in Florida, USA after he called the 911.

According to a CNN report, the Sanford Police Department wrote on Facebook that five-year-old Manuel Beshara called 911 on Friday, claiming he wanted to order pizza.

Although it sounded unconventional, the police department deployed officers to the boy’s home to conduct a well-being check.

Upon reaching the house, the officers met Manuel and his 15-year-old sister who explained that her brother had taken the phone and called the emergency number without her knowledge.

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If it was an adult who abused the emergency number in that manner, it would have landed them in trouble, but the officers seized the opportunity to educate the youngster on the proper way to use the 911.

They then ordered a big pizza and delivered to the hungry boy.

Stay away from police emergency numbers if there is no pressing need to call them. You might not be as lucky as Manuel.