When no less a professional than a 36-year-old headteacher quit his profession over a poor salary, one would have thought that he would have switched to an equally white-collar but more lucrative profession.

However, Nichola Anaba dumped his certificate at home and resorted to selling boiled eggs in the streets.

Initially, he was into a personal bread baking business but for reasons known to him, he eventually settled on boiled egg selling which he does on almost a daily basis unapologetically.

Please, don’t even ask whether the former headteacher made a prudent decision by quitting his job to do what many people of his calibre wouldn’t do.

With his decent black suit with a tie to match, he is reported as saying his customers and potential clients are always in a mad rush to patronise his eggs, and he sells an average of eight trays of boiled eggs per day. 

According to him, even before he arrives at the streets where he plies his trade, some customers are already waiting for him to buy his eggs for breakfast.

Nichola Anaba told the Ghana News Agency that he makes between GH¢ 120.00 – GH¢ 180.00 profit a day amounting to a minimum of GH¢ 2,500. 00, a month.

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He obtained his WASSCE certificate after graduating from Ghana Senior High School (GHANASCO) in Tamale.

The young man got employed as a pupil-teacher in one of the popular private schools in Kumasi where he taught for some years before the school’s proprietor promoted him to be the headteacher.

With the promotion, Anaba’s salary should shoot up but he was still not satisfied.

 “However, I realised the going was still tough for me with the meagre salary and after praying to God for a better paying job, I decided to go into bread-making and retailing,” he told the GNA.

His main source of motivation has been to prove wrong his friends who made a mockery of him due to his decision to quit the teaching job.

“But I wasn’t deterred at all by that because I alone knew that what I earned from my current job was in multiplies of what was given me in teaching,” he revealed.

Aside of his unique dress code, what has been doing the magic for him is that he packs the boiled eggs in a white transparent plastic bowl with a fitting lid and the ‘barima kosua’ label.

Anaba has built a huge client base, mostly traders along the Atimatim, Pakrono, Ahwiaa and Tafo vicinities in Kumasi where he plies his trade.