‘Romantic’ man stands in a flight for 6 hours to watch over sleeping wife

Can you take a bullet for your partner? To what extent can you sacrifice yourself for him or her?

‘Romantic’ man stands in a flight for 6 hours to watch over sleeping wife

An elderly man has thrown a challenge to fellow men by standing for 6 hours in a flight just to sacrifice his seat for his wife to stretch out and sleep.

As if that was not sacrificial enough, the man kept watching over the wife as she enjoyed her sleep for 6 hours, reports say.

A photo of him standing in the moving plane and watching over his sleeping wife has triggered reactions online after a woman who witnessed the development shared it on social media.

She posted the picture with a caption: “This guy stood up the whole 6 hours so his wife could sleep. Now THAT is love.”

While she termed it as a show of love, some social media users disagree, with some saying the woman is selfish to have made her husband go through such a situation for her sake. Some suggested that she should have stretched across the man and still sleep without him standing up.

Well, the man was also not spared the backlash. Some other social media users thought he was either weak or a sycophant for voluntarily subjecting himself to such a ‘torture’.


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