Deaf, dumb men arrested for stabbing peacemaker to death

Two deaf and dumb men have been arrested in Ondo State for stabbing a man who tried to mediate in their fight.

Bottle stabbing

Jelili Ojo and Busayo Osho, two of them deaf and dumb, and another man, Abuchi Unegbu, has been arrested by the police in Ondo State, for allegedly stabbing a man to death while he was trying to mediate in a fight that broke out among them.

The deceased identified as Uwam by eyewitnesses, was stabbed in the stomach with a broken bottle by Osho, one of the deaf man, when he attempted to stab Unegbu.

The fight reportedly broke out when one of the deaf man stepped on Unegbu and he demanded an apology from the man, not knowing that he was could not speak no hear him when he demanded for the apology.

The disagreement degenerated into a fight and all efforts by people around to break them up proved abortive.

While some elders were still trying to placate the them and stop them from allowing the disagreement degenerate, Osho reportedly went for a bottle which he broke and in an attempt to stab Unegbu, inadvertently struck Uwam in the stomach.


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