"The Bible ‘is not holy’, the best place to keep it is inside the toilet" – George Lutterodt advises

Just as every religion, Christians see the Holy Bible as a sacred book that must be kept in the neatest of conditions, but George Lutterodt has advised that the book should not be seen as that holy.

The Bible ‘is not holy’, the best place to keep it is inside the toilet – George Lutterodt advises

According to the controversial man who himself is a reverend, what should matter more to Christians is the content of the Bible and not the pieces of paper compiled to make it.


Speaking on TV Africa, Lutterodt said the most congenial place to relax and read the Bible and make good meaning of it is inside the toilet.

However, he gave a caveat that the toilet must always be kept clean just as his, to make it a good environment for reading the bible and digesting its content.

“My toilet is so neat that if you come to my house, my bible is not in my sitting room. Those of you who think the bible is holy, no... If you come to my toilet, I have all kinds of the bible there,” Lotterodt said, adding: “If you want to get close to God, take your bible to the toilet....”


Until a couple of days ago, he was always referred to as marriage counsellor and had said all sorts of controversial things in the media that attracted a lot of backlashes.

The Ghana Psychology Council has declared him fake, saying he has not been licensed to practice as a counsellor.

This is not the first time the council has declared George Lutterodt as unqualified to be called a counsellor. 

Watch the video below about his view on the holy bible:




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