Over the past few days, the man of God has been in the news for claiming that he had raised a dead man who had been deposited in the morgue for days and was due for burial.

"Can you see what happened? This man died since Friday, he was in the mortuary. This is a sign that no matter what the devil's done it is over. Devil, I told you wherever I find you I will kick you," Pastor Lukau was seen in a video telling his congregation during Sunday service as he placed his hand on a man who pretended to be dead.

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Pastor Lukau allegedly resurrecting a dead man

However, it came to light later that the whole development was a prearranged publicity stunt, putting the both the man of God and his church’s name into disrepute and incessant public mockery.

As social media reactions continue, a video has popped up online which shows pastor Lukau rehearsing the entire resurrection stunt ahead of the Sunday service.

Watch the video below: