It is for this reason that after spending huge sums of money to fix one, young women guard the artificial hair jealously, and rain is their worst enemy.

A heart-breaking video circulating online shows an ‘artificial hair obsessed’ woman using her baby to cover her weave as she runs for shelter against rainfall.

The video was first posted on twitter by a user, @LevisLaKing with a caption: "Lord your daughters are protecting their weaves from the rain with their children."

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Other social media users then jumped on the video and started condemning the lady for placing more premium on her hair which is a nonentity than her toddler.

"Wow!and that seem to be a girl child. Things have changed now. Mothers are the abusers of the children. #16daysOfActivism," Twitter user @MrAI314816

Another user, Sinah twitting from @Wenbeautycals asked: "Isn't a child the first thing mothers protect?"