5 things to know about Ghanaian media personality Berla Mundi

Berla Mundi, ace TV personality, has been making waves in recent years, showcasing her versatility in hosting TV3's New Day, a politics and lifestyle morning show, and spearheading the B. You Mentorship and career guidance platform for women.

Media Personality Berla Mundi

Here are five noteworthy aspects that shed light on Berla Mundi's life:

New Beginnings:

Berla Mundi recently entered a new chapter in her life by tying the knot with Mr. David Tabi on January 5 in a private ceremony. Her journey into marriage adds another dimension to her multifaceted life.

Astrological Sign:


Born on April 1st, Berla Mundi falls under the astrological sign of Aries. Aries individuals are known for their dynamism, enthusiasm, and leadership qualities, traits that seem to resonate with Berla's vibrant personality.

Proud Alumna:

Berla Mundi is an alumna of the esteemed Achimota Senior High School, proudly identifying herself as an AKORA. Her educational background contributes to her well-rounded perspective and accomplishments in the media industry.

Pageant Royalty:

The media personality has a pageant history, having been crowned as a past Queen of the prestigious Miss Malaika Ghana. Her experience in the world of beauty pageants adds another layer to her diverse resume.


Empowering Initiatives:

Berla Mundi is not only a charismatic host but also a visionary entrepreneur. She founded the B.YOU Project by Berla Mundi, aiming to empower young women to strive for success. Through this platform, she seeks to make a positive impact on the lives of aspiring women.

Berla Mundi's online presence on Instagram provides an inside look into her work and lifestyle. Her page is a hub of fashion-forward and wholesome content, showcasing not only her professional endeavors but also her style and commitment to empowering others.


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