Future mothers-in-law - teach our prospective husbands house chores

A young guy graduate from tertiary with irresponsible behaviours ingrained in his genes as he counts the days to when his wife-to-be will succeed his mother or maid.


Since time immemorial, young girls have been groomed to be responsible women, wives and eventually mothers. Young boys, on the other hand, have always been at liberty to wander around doing whatever  pleases them.

They have been generally insulated from the rigid standards of responsibilities that the society subjects females to.

Nurturing the young girl starts with teaching her how to bath, wash underwear, plates and school bowls. At about age 8, she is expected to be able to know her way around dishes and napkins and her own polyester outfits.

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As she grows with time, she masters her skills in performing various house chores, from cooking to washing, cleaning to scrubbing and managing the house with a low budget.

Meanwhile, during this time, the average young guy is busy heaping dirty plates and clothes under his bed, expecting his mother or probably a maid to find them and wash them. He keeps his room in a chaotic mess and shabbily cleans it when a female friend is passing through.

He graduates from the tertiary school with his irresponsible behaviours ingrained in his genes as he counts the days to when his wife-to-be will succeed his mother or maid.

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I was inspired to write this piece based on what I’ve observed is prevalent in most marital homes - the entrenched nature of male negligence as far as household chores are concerned.

If a couple has the financial means to employ a house help, that is their problem but when they can’t afford help and the man is clueless about how to do petty house chores, it certainly creates problems in the marriages.

Wives and husbands are equally working to make ends meet for the family and it is equally fair if the husband helps to keep the home clean and serene for the family.

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After  months of observing a couple in a suburb of Accra Ghana, I found out that the wife wakes up exactly 4:30 am every weekday she sweeps the compound, prepares breakfast, waits for her husband to eat and then washes the plates.

She waits on the husband to make sure he has all his needs for work, cleans his shoes, packs his lunch including his snacks. When her husband leaves the house after 6:30am she also prepares for work as an administrative clerk.

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She hustles her way to the market every day after work to prepare food for her husband and stays awake regardless of the time he comes home.

The wife chips in washing, scrubbing the bathroom, cleaning the floor, ironing their clothes, dusting the artifacts and chairs in the room.

Forget the makeup or parties, sometimes she misses church service because she is stressed out.

The man on the other hand is either playing FIFA games, fidgeting with his phone or having fun with his friends.

It really gets worse when they bring forth a baby. How can she deal with all the house chores, work and take care of a baby?

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Why is the man living a stress free marriage life while the wife handles almost everything in the house? Relieving your wife of house chores or doing it together  gives her time to take care of her own needs. There is  free flow of love, harmony and peace in the marriage.


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