Healthy living begins and ends with natural fruits and vegetables. One of these foods includes beetroots.

The nutrient-dense superfood has health-boosting effects on the mind and body.

 Adding more beets to your diet can help boost longevity, aid in weight loss and prevent cancer.

With that said, let’s explore some of the benefits of drinking beetroot juice. 

  • Weight loss

Beets aids in weight management especially new moms who want to lose pregnancy weight. Add beetroot to your smoothie to aid the process. Beets help you detox and lose weight because they contain no fat and are a good source of dietary fibre — half soluble and half insoluble. 

These two types help fight fat by maintaining proper bowel function and lowering cholesterol levels for weight loss. Similarly, beets are rich in magnesium, a mineral that supports optimal nerve and muscle functioning, which could be beneficial for losing weight.

  • Improves sexual health

Beetroot juice that the power to boost your sexual drive. The superfood is a natural viagra

due to its nitrate content. 

The nitric oxide formation dilates blood vessels and boosts circulation to the penis. This leads to better erections for men during sexual intercourse and helps them last longer in bed.

  • Boost Your Stamina

Drinking beetroot juice has proven valuable enough in boosting your energy levels. According to a small 2012 study, drinking beetroot juice increases plasma nitrate levels and boosts physical performance.

  • Lowers Blood Pressure

Beetroot juice can effectively lower blood pressure in men. In a study published in Nutrition, men and women who drank 17.6 ounces of beet juice, which consisted of about three-fourths beet juice and one-fourth apple juice, had a lower systolic blood pressure six hours later. 

  • Prevents Cancer

The phytonutrients in beets, like betalains, have been found to be cancer-preventive. Animal studies have shown beets inhibit carcinogen formation and increase the production of immune cells and body enzymes that help stop cancer from developing.