5 scary facts about cosmetics you should know 

These shocking makeup facts aren’t talked about in commercials, magazines or by the nice lady in the cosmetics aisle.

Today, we’re sharing five crazy beauty facts that will blow your mind and give you a whole new thought for modern-day makeup.

1. Make-up companies do not have to check their products

At Least not in a way that’s seen to the public. There is no structured authority to approve products but the companies have “legal responsibility” to make sure their products are safe.

2. It's composition

It is not a secret to anyone that the cosmetic industry sometimes uses in its products really creepy elements. Besides a mix of different unhealthy chemical compounds, they bring into a play an extract of bitter pepper, a fish scales, a sperm of animals and even a placenta.

3. Damage to nails

Nail paints, Nail polish, manicures, and pedicures all seem very hygienic but are actually damaging to nails if done very regularly or frequently. The quality of nails decreases and they become fragile. Keeping long nails becomes a big issue after that; extra care has to be taken. The nails become thin and lose their natural color starting to look pale.


Yes, one may start looking older than heshe actually is. All the makeup and moisturizers actually do some damage to your skin and with prolonged use wrinkles and other signs of aging may be visible.

5. Eye Defects

Eyeshadow, mascara, kajal and other forms of eye makeup can harm the eyes of the user very badly. Girls who wear lenses may harm their eyes even more because the chemicals present affects the lens material and can result in something very damaging like thinning of eyelashes and eye infections.


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