Eyebrows define the face like no other feature. Drawing the perfect eyebrow doesnt have to be difficult. Follow these simple steps to draw the perfect eyebrows with makeup in no time.

  • Shape

Lay a tweezer against the side of the nostril to determine where the brow should start. Use the tweezer’s length to determine where to place the brow arch and tail.

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  • Tweeze

Brush the brow hairs upwards and remove strays that fall outside of your desired shape.

  • Trim

Brush brows up again to see which hairs are overgrown. Using brow scissors, snip any strand that falls out of line.

  • Fill in

Starting at the front, use feathery strokes to fill in wherever there are gaps. Use a lighter shade at the front of the brow and bolder strokes at the tail. Blend with a spoolie.

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  • Set

Make sure your brows stay put all day by using a brow gel or mousse to set them in place.