7 simple ways to fight bad breath

Sluicing with coconut oil for ten to fifteen minutes can remove any bacteria.

Bad breath (Leapfame)

Many types of mouthwash contain alcohol so when the minty smell wears off, you could be left with even staler breath than before.

Sluicing with coconut oil for ten to 15 minutes can remove any bacteria hiding in your mouth to give you fresh breath.


Dr. Payman Langroudi, a dentist from the chain Enlighten Smiles, says "these micro-organisms contain fatty membranes that are attracted to the oil as you swill it around. Coconut oil also has antibacterial properties".

A daily serving of yogurt reduces the level of odor-causing hydrogen sulfide in the mouth. Yogurt, cheese, and milk fight halitosis because it creates an unpleasant environment for bacteria growth.


Eat crisp fruit and vegetables such as apples, celery, and carrots to fight bad breath. Such fruits and vegetables increase saliva production and help keep the mouth rinsed and fresh.

Ginger has many health and beauty benefits aside from its culinary purposes. It can be used to fight halitosis. Just dice fresh ginger, wash and blend with lemon. Rinse after 15 minutes to get rid of bad odor.


Eating fruits containing vitamin C prevents gum disease and gingivitis. Oranges have a good reputation for their remarkable levels of vitamin C, but other foods like bell peppers, papayas and strawberries have even more.

Drink enough water on a daily basis if you are battling with halitosis. Water is a natural cleanser and increases saliva production. Swishing water helps rid the mouth of food that bacteria feasts upon.


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