Can we take a break from the feat of St. Peter’s SHS and talk about the beauty our favorite quiz mistress exudes.

The finale of the 2018 National Science and Math Quiz took off today at the National Theatre and Dr. Elsie Kauffman’s look gives her the spot of our woman crush for the day, or probably the week.

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Yes, St.Peter’s Senior High School emerged winners beating West African Senior high school and Adisadel College but Dr. Elsie Kaufman’s look won our beauty of the day.

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Apart from the class and elegance she naturally exudes, she served us a subtle look with that spoke volumes than the whole event. Simple yet beautiful in many ways. She is pure proof that less is more.

Dr. Elsie’s looked beautiful in her black and wine colored braids not forgetting her subtle makeup and her ethereal African print apparel. Nothing too extra but stunning in every way. Simplicity is indeed the ultimate sophistication