Top Ghanaian model,

This month of August, 2018, she once again comes closer to our hearts as she takes on  the main beauty feature inside Destiny Connect Magazine.

This feat has not got only us appreciating, it has also gotten one of Ghana’s respected Fashion & Beauty Consultant, Jijiglam to scribble a heartfelt exaltation comparing Vica (as she is fondly called) to Oprah, Rihanna, Lupita and many more.

This is what Jiji had to say:

“Looking at @vicamichaels rocking her flawless chocolate skin in this pic reminded me of some real celebs on international magazines cover like @naomi@badgalriri@kyliejenner@lupitanyongoand @oprah!!!! I had no choice but to compare them to our local magazines cover!!!! I know We want to be recognized and be the best ever !!! But if we don’t point at each other ‘s mistakes then we will never move forward !!!

The fashion industry in Ghana is doing bad just because we are hypocrites among ourselves!!! We don’t want to say that most ( but not all) of our models, fashion designers, makeup artists, photographers, stylists, fashion editors, fashion magazines …. are not professional and creative at all!!!!

How many of our own have crossed the Ghana border and became recognized internationally?????!!!!! For exactly the past 5 years the industry is going down and dying the day after the other !!!! Do u know why ??? Because of hypocrisy and social media’s LIKES !!!

People are like “ even if this magazine cover is bad I will still promote it so the owner will put me in for his next edition “ or if a dress is not nice I will still be praising it so the designer will make a free dress for me “ or even worse I will work only with X or Y because I will use his services for free and in return I will award him in my event even if he is not good at what he does .

Why don’t we give a chance to the millions of creatives and talented Ghanaians out there who are dreaming to get the opportunity to show their skills !!!! Why don’t we tell these designers models, … That they are not doing the right thing and teach them how they can improve themselves???? Why can’t we stop the ego and say that we don’t create we only copy paste and even that we are not good at it!!!!! .

What a shame !!!!!! Because of small fame on SM that will not feed our grandchildren, we are ready to pull down creative minds!!! vicamichaels had to go outside Ghana to get a magazine shoot that has shown how amazing, gorgeous, flawless she is as an African Model!!!!! As much as I am super proud of this move she made as much all am sad she couldn’t do it at home!!!!