Stop using aphrodisiacs, they don’t stimulate orgasm - Gynecologist to men

The General Secretary for the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Ghana (SOGOG), Dr Promise Sefogah, has cautioned men against the use of aphrodisiacs as sexual stimulants.

Man taking a pill

According to him, aphrodisiacs don’t stimulate orgasm.

While speaking in an interview with Joy News, the Gynecologist warned that excessive usage of aphrodisiacs can lead to various health complications including kidney and liver diseases and in worse instances, the penis may be cut off.

In spite of the numerous health benefits of orgasm (including pain relief, cancer, and heart disease prevention, fertility, immune booster, improved sleep, and anti-depressant), research has revealed that most women do not usually reach orgasm during intercourse. They only fake it.

While discussing why women fake orgasms, he dismissed assertions that the female orgasm is a myth. However, he acknowledged that it takes a lot to make a woman reach orgasm.


“The men are thinking if I can get the hardest erection that will last them longer and penetrate the hardest, thrust them hardest, then I am the hero, but that’s not it,” he stated adding that even though penetration plays a part in orgasm, it doesn’t take only penetration to satisfy a woman sexually.

Dr Sefogah explained that the more important thing to getting a woman to climax during intercourse is the psychological aspect that most men are totally oblivious of.

“Orgasm is a physiological thing and it compromises a lot of psychological, physical, and emotional things which are being stimulated by the sexual act. What it is, is that it takes a lot more for a woman to attain an orgasm as compared to a man – you need to bring on board the psychological preparedness and the psyching up, you need that in a combination of the social intelligence sensitivity which you put in a good environment so that the woman can relax and climax,” he said.

He stated that most men are oblivious of this, mostly because of “a lack of open discussion” on the sexual needs of their spouses due to their ego.

“It’s a very unfortunate problem because it goes to emphasise the observation that men have the mindset that sex is all about the erection, physical penetration and the stronger they do that, the better the orgasm, because they watch these things in the fake productions in the pornographic movies where actors are paid to do this and that’s not real,” he said.


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