6 great pointers for when shaving your bikini line

Suffer itches, reactions, nasty scarring and more after shaving the bikini line? You are definitely not using these pointers. Learn these steps now.


Shaving your bikini area should be easy, pain free, and without irritation but this is almost usually not the case for ladies especially.

Most times, ladies shave the wrong way, don't moisturize and so on amongst other factors that irritates the area leaving nasty marks and permanent scarring/dark spots.

To shave the bikini line perfectly without irritations, check out these pointers:

1. Hydrate/Create a barrier

Before shaving, create some sort of barrier to lubricate the area as well as provide a 'seamless' slip for the shaving stick/blade by using a shaving cream, oil or even soap.

2. Use the right shaving stick

Use only fresh and sharp blades to shave. Dull/old razors catch the skin causing irritation and are more likely to spread bacteria which is bad for the delicate skin.

3. 'Prepare' the area

Exfoliate and cleanse the area prior to shaving the bikini area this prevents ingrown hair as well as any form of irritation.

Use a mild bodywash/conditioner to soften the hair, brush in the directio of the hair growth to keep the tips of hair up and out of the skin so the hair follicle is clear, making it easier to shave.

4. Shave when the hair is at its softest

Don't just shave without preparation! It's best to shave after taking a bath/shower as this is usually when hair and the skin is at its softest afterwards the area can again be gently cleansed.

5. Trim first

Before shaving, if the hair down the bikini area is extra long, trim first with scissors so that it doesn't get caught up in the shaving stick/its blade.

6. Moisturize

After shaving, clean the area and moisturize. Wear loose clothing after shaving to avoid fabric rubbing against the area lest it irritates it.


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