How to make spring Rolls the Ghanaian way

Pulse daily DIY recipe teaches prospective chefs how to prepare healthy, Ghanaian dishes in a simple way.


4 Tablespoon plain flour1 Tablespoon margarine3 Tablespoons Mixed Veggies1/2 onion chopped1 medium sized Chicken breast (chopped)Egg white as binding agentSaltMaggie cubeBlack PepperOil for deep frying



1. Pour the plain flour into the mixing bowl2. Add the salt to taste3. Add the margarine/1 Table vegetable oil and mix well4. Add cold water to make a soft dough5. Allow dough to rest and prepare the stuffing6. Put your saucepan on the hub and add about a table spoon of oil7 Add the onion and fry for about a min8. Add the chopped chicken breast9. Allow to cook through for about 5min, whiles turning intermittently.10. Add the mixed veggies and allow on for another 5 min11. Add a little water to make it saucy13. Add a little gravy powder/ flour to keep it more like gravy sauce14. Allow the sauce to cool15. Take the dough and with the rolling pin on the board or work surface, roll the dough till its very flat and light.16. Cut the dough into good sizes17. Use egg whit as a sticking agent and with the pastry brush, brush the egg whilt over the pastruies18. Put in the fillings on the individual doughs and fold them nicely, making sure all ends are nicely tucked in.19. Egg wash the rolls20. Deep fry the rolls in hot frying oil, so they don’t go soggy21. Remove when golden brown and allow to cook.22. Serve with shito or a sauce of choice or on it’s on.


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