350g of my Smoky Salsa sauce (Reserve 100g for serving)

20g of Shrimp powder

300g of roasted Cornflour

300g of cooked Prawns or Dried Herrings

1 large peeled and sliced Avocado

1 leveled teaspoon of salt to taste


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If you’re using dried Herrings, add it to the sauce and cook for 7 minutes on a low heat. Once you add the roasted Corn batter, it will soften the fish.

In the absence of roasted Corn flour, you can use the normal Ghanaian Corn flour used for Akple.

However, placing the Cornflour on a baking tray and in a preheated Oven, at 180*c, for 10 minutes, will roast your Corn flour perfectly.

Alternatively, if you’re using precooked Prawns, toss it into the remaining sauce, warm it through and serve.

Source:Ndudu by Fafa