• Medicals

If you have any health conditions, it is advisable to book an appointment with your doctor before you travel. Take all the prescription with you as proof of medical authorization because some countries forbid certain meds.

  • International license

Although you'll never be asked for one at the car hire desk, as a foreign driver you're supposed to carry an international license. If anything untoward happens while you're behind the wheel you might be in hot water if you don't have it.

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  • Foreign cash

You can easily make payments with your debit cards but there are a few countries that require you to pay in cash for your visitor visa when you enter the country. If so US dollars are the currency of choice.

  • Make copies of documents

Print out important documents such as your itinerary, airline tickets, and hotel bookings. Scan copies and save in your mail for any uncertainties.

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  • Travel insurance

Buy it as soon as you've booked your air tickets, the cost will be the same and you should be protected if some natural phenomenon or unforeseen personal circumstances in the meantime interfere with your holiday plans.