How to survive on GHC 500 monthly salary in Accra

Surviving on 500 cedis a month in this 'challenging' economy might seem impossible, however, these life hacks will surely help you stay afloat.

As Ghanaian actress Moesha Boduong revealed on CNN recently, the Ghanaian economy is hard, therefore, you must live strategically.

With food prices soaring and energy costs shooting up, low-income earners have to do more on a tight budget in order to survive.

Below are some life hacks that can aid your quest to survive on a ‘pittance’ of a salary as low as 500 cedis a month.

  • Rent

This is the perfect time to get actively involved in church activities for the rich and medium class people to notice you. You can talk to some influential people in the church to connect you to any domestic work vacancy in their homes that can fetch extra money.

  • Food and drinks

Always be alert to any church program or attend events organized by friends to get ‘free’ food. On weekdays, you can fast for 2 days to strengthen your faith and spend 2cedis on breakfast and 6 cedis during lunchtime for the next three days.

  • Clothes and shoes

If you want to look stylish every day, early morning shopping at ‘Kantamanto’ or other low-end markets is a great option.

If you are a girl, it’s high time you joined the ‘Daavi’ trend and saved GHC 50 of your salary every month. When you save up to GHC 400 you can buy one quality wig and use it for special occasions.

  • Transportation

In order to save or maximize your meager salary, ‘carpooling’ is a good option. If you are very fortunate to know a colleague in your office who lives in your area, speak to them amicably if you can join them to work every morning and possibly in the evening too.

Waking up early to walk a few meters and board a bus halfway to work to save money is another exciting option. Walking a great form of exercise too. And this also serves as an exercise for better health.

  • Utility bills

To avoid outrageous electricity bills, iron all your clothes during the weekend. Turn off all your gadgets except your fridge when you are leaving the house.

  • Girlfriend and boyfriend

Find a hardworking, innovative and super-smart woman or man who will help you financially and also bring on board new ideas to generate money.

  • Internet and call credit

Most firms provide stable Internet for their workers. Take advantage and stay late after work and use the Internet data for personal upgrading. There are a lot free online courses platforms you can register on to improve your resume.

  • Saving

Strive to save 10% of your salary every month.


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