How do you live an

You only live once as they usually say. The safest way to spend more and save more is by starting an online business,  side job where you can earn extra money aside from your 7-9 hours job.

You don’t  necessarily need capital to start this kind of business.

Check out these stress-free ways of making extra money

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  • Sell your own products via an e-commerce website

It’s very easy to own an online store these days.  E-commerce websites are giving young entrepreneurs like you the opportunity and platform to achieve your dreams and earn extra cash.

These websites offer you low-cost marketing and advertising platform as a new startup. You can have the best products, without a good marketing plan, the sales won’t roll in.

You can set up a drop shipping model, where you don't have to handle or physically ship the merchandise, or create your own branded product and handle the warehousing, order fulfilment, and inventory control.

  • Sell a service via an online marketplace

Do you have any special skills and talent can be turned into a service?  Are you a graphic designer with some spare time in the evenings to dedicate to freelance projects? How about a radio-friendly voice? Are you a special effects makeup artiste?.

There are several marketplaces online where you just sign up with your details and begin processing orders on the go.

This is a very viable option for those with little to no startup capital.

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  • Start a blog

Create a blog and start making some money. There are several ways to monetize a blog, including selling advertising space, doing sponsored reviews, and promoting affiliate offers within your content.

Post interesting content that will attract people to your site who will share your content on their social media platforms to increase your reach.