Choosing To Be Quiet For A Second

Just because you don't say much doesn't mean you are defenseless, or weak the greatest weapon to fight is being quiet.

Sometimes, we find ourselves in a situation where feel the need to talk passionate about what we feel in our heart and at this moment  if you don't  control yourself you will say words that you don't mean which in the long run it will hurt your feelings and that guilt might  leave  a scar on you emotion forever.

Learning when to talk, when to be quiet, and when you have to let everything just go is a stage of maturity where most people never get there. There is a saying that "opinions are like noses everybody has one" which i believe its true cos we all have nose which smell both sweet and awful scent, although we use our nose for breathing we do hold our breath for a second to avoid inhaling awful staff, which is a choice that we make. just hold you thought for a second at that point where your at you boiling point. just keep still and channel all your emotions and thought into a positive thing.

For the Talk active this might be their greatest challenge, but with much effort they can be able to over come it. one of the method I have adopted to help me stay calm in those trying moment,that I just felt like saying my piece of mind, is to stay away from unhealthy conversation, and topics that don't relate to me in anyway. Everyday i do my best to keep my opinions to myself in conversation that does not involve me in away, thank God i have ears to listen i just listen to them, people think i don't talk much but am the opposite, sometimes listening to conversation might draw you to pass a comment that is where i just say it to myself rather than voicing it out to the other party.

Many people who have won court case will attribute it to their silent comment during that period. We all like to justify ourselves when rumors and false accusation is being place on us, and at this moment anything that you say could be held against you for sure. Just stay calm, just keep mute, just pray for the truth should come out and know when to finally make  your statement, bare in mind not everyone will believe you even if you have facts and prove to show that you are innocent.

Finally, I know that in life you might be wrongly accused, someone will provoke you so badly, or you might be hurt by someones action or words, the words that we say at this point in time tell us who we really are, choosing to be quiet for a second helps us to reason and analyse the situation better and pull ourselves out from it to a level where we can find peace within our heart.


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