Ghana has a host of secondary schools in the country. Among these schools are categories: mixed schools, all-girls schools and all-boys schools.

These schools have a unique identifier which is their school uniforms. Students of these secondary educational institutions take pride in their school through their looks on the outside and school uniforms play a key role.

Legend has it that a certain green shirt in Kumasi can give you free food at every restaurant in the Ashanti Region while a certain green and yellow combination gets you an instant nickname ‘Brilla’ in the Central Region.

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In a bid to know who has the best of uniforms in boys’ schools in Ghana, #PulseSkuulDeyBe started a journey.

A key highlight in the journey was how every male student felt their school had the best uniforms in Ghana. However, in the end, 8 schools made it to the quarter-final:

Mfantsipim School

Adisadel College

Prempeh College

Adisadel College, Ghana
Adisadel College, Ghana

Opoku Ware School


Accra Academy


St. Peter’s SHS

Mfantsipim School, Opoku Ware School, Accra Academy and POJOSS were kicked out leaving for schools for the semi-final. PRESEC beat St. Peter’s SHS to face ADISCO in the final after they had kicked out Prempeh College in the semis.

In the end, Adisadel College came out top as the boys’ school with the nicest school uniform in Ghana.

Check out some zebra-themed uniforms in style.

Adisco School Uniform
Adisco School Uniform
Adisco School Uniform
Adisco School Uniform
Adisco School Uniform
Adisco School Uniform

Information in this article was based on polls run by Pulse Ghana for the #PulseSkuulDeyBe series.

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