Mixed schools have had it all making friends with different genders while in secondary schools in Ghana. For single-sex schools, staying in school for three months without coming eye to with the opposite sex in the same age bracket was phew … no words!

So ALAYA was formed.

ALAYA is simply school alliance. It is the pairing of a boys’ school with a girls’ school which mostly factors the distance between the two schools.

For example, Kumasi High School and Kumasi Girls form an alliance called ABRAHEMAA. Accra Academy and St Mary’s have ACASMA with St. Peter’s and St. Roses doing their own thing in the East called SPEROSA.

Over the years these alliances have moved from secondary school days to universities and even life after school.

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Although most of these relationships started from secondary schools end in tears, the very few that have ended up from just friendships to marriages have been magical.

#PulseSkuulDeyBe set out to find the strongest ALAYA in Ghana. Since everyone believed their school had the best, we had a tall list of ALAYAs (ones we had not even heard of). In the end, 8 ALAYAs stood tall for the quarterfinal battles:









After keenly contested rounds of the quarter and semi-finals, Opoku Ware and St. Louis’ AKATASLOPSA and St Augustine’s and Holy Child’s APSU HOPSA made it to the final.

From voting across Pulse Ghana’s channels, AKATASLOPSA came out top with 50.667% of the voting giving them a slender margin for victory.

Congratulations to Opoku Ware School and St. Louis SHS. ALAYA bi 3d3! AKATASLOPSA is the strongest ALAYA in Ghana.

Information in this article was based on polls run by Pulse Ghana for the #PulseSkuulDeyBe series.

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