4 signs your relationship won’t see 2019

If the other person expects you to be forgiving and accepting of their faults but they are not forgiving or accepting of yours, that doesn't bode well for your romantic future together.

4 sings your current relationship will not last

Once you've been dating long enough, it should be easy to notice tiny red flags that mean your relationship won't last till December 31, 2018, because love is blind. As your relationship expert, we would advice you to watch out these 4 signs a relationship that suggests your relationship is already doomed.

  • You can't be yourself

For a relationship to last long-term, it's so important to feel like you can always be your genuine, authentic self around your partner.

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  • Lack of communication

Your partner can be busy at work but if their value the relationship, they can create time and communicate with you via text messages or voice call. The family should always come first.

  • Your opinion isn’t valued

Age doesn’t really matter in a relationship. Each has the same right and privileges but the responsibilities can never be the same. In a healthy relationship, each partner opinion’s matter when it comes to decision making especially concerning their relationship.

If you get the sense (whether subtle or not) that your partner values their own opinion above yours, that's a sign they won't make a great partner long-term.

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  • They don’t accept your values

Every happy couple is good team players too. If your new partner has an issue with some of your less-than-perfect qualities but expects you to totally accept them with no questions asked, that doesn't bode well for your romantic future together.

A couple must love each other just the way they are and try to be their partner’s strength in times of need.

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