7 signs your boyfriend doesn't love you

It's time to leave him for good!.

7 signs your boyfriend doesn't love you

These seven signs he doesn’t love you will show you how he really feels. It takes two to tango. If you can't reciprocate your love, then it is time to walk out of the relationship for good.

  • He takes you for granted

He doesn’t appreciate the sacrifices and compromises you make in the relationship. He takes you and your gestures for granted. He just expects you to be sweet and helpful all the time, and he never reciprocates anything you do.

  • No time for you

He always finds excuses to cancel your date nights but he has time for his friends and other activities.

He is always active online but it takes hours to him to reply to your messages with an emoji. Even on special days like birthdays, anniversary or dinner party to celebrate your success, he doesn’t show up.

  • All he wants to do is make out

The only time he is right by your side is when he wants to have sex. He just goes straight to the game with any foreplay nor does he makes sure you are satisfied.

  • He’s controlling and manipulative

He seems very concerned about you and always tries to advise you on how you should lead your life. And as helpful as he seems, somehow you feel very stifled and suffocated in the relationship.

  • It’s always about him

Your boyfriend’s conversations always revolve around him and his problems. He’s not bothered about your problems or your life, and always cuts the conversation or changes the subject when you talk about yourself.

  • He blames you

He blames you for his mistakes, shortcomings, and failures at every chance he gets.


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