Let’s not kid ourselves. Just as men cheat, some women can equally date two or more men simultaneously. However, love always finds a way to entangle two strangers in a beautiful web. If you genuinely love her, follow these simple rules to keep the flame in the relationship ignited always.

  • Respect her choices

Every good man involves his partner in decision making and actually implements her decisions. It shouldn’t be a one-sided relationship.

There should be constant communication and planning especially when it is about things that affect your relationship. You must love, respect, value and prioritise her above all other things.

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  • Support her

Luckily if you woman wants to set up a business, support her financially. Invest in the business but don’t ask for shares or partnership deal. During your off days or leave periods, have a discussion with her about how you can physically offer your support.

Market her products or services by posting content daily on your social media pages to attract new customers.

Not all businesses thrive in the first few months, be emotionally ready to support her and encourage her to press forward and adopt effective marketing skills.

  • Shower her with gifts

Every woman wants to be the topic of the day at her workplace or among her friends. Her friends should have a feel of how you pamper her at home. Invite her for lunch at fancy restaurants and snap lovely pics of her to post on Instagram stories.

Send her customised cards at work, buy her new bags, and dresses for work so that when people comment on her looks she can boast that you got it for her.

  • Stay connected with her family

Winning the love and affection of your significant other’s family especially her mother means she will keep her on the right path.

Parenting doesn’t end when children leave home and walk down the aisle with their lovers. When parents feel welcomed in the children’s matrimonial home, they do their best to promote the relationship by all means. 

  • Listen to her

Every woman needs her man to listen attentively to her when she is ranting about everything going in her life including how two characters in her favourite telenovela are rejecting their love.

She except you to provide a shoulder for her to cry on and a broad chest to lie on when she is discussing work-related issues and what hairstyle she wants to for her friend’s wedding.

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  • Good sex

Sex is an integral part of every relationship. Once you sleep under the same roof with her, give her a good reason to spend more on lingerie and lay the bed every morning. Sex is food for the body and a great form of exercise.

  • Personal hygiene

Grooming is a necessity whether you are single or married. Decluttering, engaging in house chores and keep the home should be part of your daily routine. Invest in quality skincare products and wear fashionable and clean clothes.