When you first met him, he treated you like the only important thing in his life.

But as the days turn into months, he seems more distant, or worse, he doesn’t have time for you anymore.

1.. He takes time

He doesn’t make you his priority. He is not eager to pick your calls and hang out with you. He does things at his own convenience even when he’s not busy.

2.. He takes you for granted

He doesn’t appreciate the sacrifices you do for him. No appreciation for the little gestures you do for him. He never reciprocates anything you do.

3.. No time for you

He is always in a rush to hang up when you call him. He doesn’t have time for you, but always has time for his friends and other activities. He is always on social media but he doesn’t even send you a message.

He makes plans with you and cancels them often. And he always has a convincing excuse no matter what accusation you make.

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4.. All he wants to do is make out

Every time both of you meet, all he wants to do is make out. He gets annoyed if you just want to talk or hang out doing something else.

5.. He’s emotionally closed off

An early sign of a bad boyfriend is that he doesn’t want to talk about the way forward pertaining to your relationship.He says he likes living in the present, but still makes future plans about everything else but the relationship.

6.. He has a lot of secrets

He only informs you about the trivial things in his life and with that he doesn’t even ask for your opinion. Although you dated him for years, you don’t even know his favorite things.

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7.. He’s controlling and manipulative

Although he is not committed to the relationship, he doesn’t want to see you with other men. He gets very jealous when you are laughing and having a general conversation with men whether your colleagues, family or classmates.

He always tries to advise you on how you should lead your life. And as helpful as he seems, somehow you feel very stifled and suffocated in the relationship.

8.. He’s in touch with his ex

He always compares you to his ex-girlfriend and sought for her opinions in matters relating to your relationship or his personal life. He finds time to meet his ex and surprisingly, he doesn’t seem enthusiastic about you joining them each time he meets his ex. They’re just friends, right?