It should be easy to say love knows no political affiliations but some political party fans believe either their partner belongs to their party or being with them becomes impossible.

Why should partners be at each other’s throat because of differences in political affiliation? Should a relationship be doomed because the woman is actively attending rallies and meetings? Or the man selling rocking his party’s paraphernalia at home?

Indeed, politics shouldn’t be considered a hazardous phenomenon in a relationship. Couples are supposed to talk about political issues freely and amicably. They should be able to co-exist whether they are actively involved or not.

Party A or B, I believe they all want a peaceful and prosperous country.

However, opinions on this issue are interesting and revealing.

Below is a sample from a section of the public [names changed to protect privacy of commenters]:

“No! It will only be a matter of time until our political party difference seeps into our marriage, bringing about domestic unhappiness,” Dominic.

“Yes. As long as she is not actively involved with her party’s political activities. Merely being a sympathizer shouldn’t be something to get in the way of love,” Akwasi.

“Of course, why not. As long as we don’t quarrel over it, I’m fine. We are all one people as far as I am concerned,” Akua.

“A big yes, As long as I love him, it’s no big deal. We will discuss politics at home, agree to disagree but it will not tear us apart. There is love and that is all we need to marry, so politics won’t stop us,” Martha

“Why not. It is love and not about politics. There is life after politics,” Daniel

“Yes of course. So far as she is just a sympathizer, not keenly involved in party affairs. She should know how not  to play with my emotions when her party wins,” Desmond.

“Yes, I don’t mind. I am not a strong enthusiast when it comes to political issues,” Kwaku.

“I am not interested in politics but I heard a man refused to pay his son’s tuition fees because he was campaigning for the NDC”, Gladys.