Time magazines formerly ranked most powerful couple, Beyoncé and Jay Z Carter celebrated their 8th wedding anniversary and what may be their most important milestone yet on the April 4, 2016.

After tying the knot on the fourth day of the fourth month, Beyoncé explained that the number is of great significance to her.

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Born Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, the grammy award winner previously shared that "[4 has been] my favorite number since I was a kid. "It's the number of my birthday, Sept. 4, my mother's birthday is January. 4, my husband's birthday, December 4, and it's the anniversary of my wedding."

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The number has continued to pop up in the couple's life in subtle, yet significant ways. Bey and Jay's only child's name Blue Ivy is marked phonetically as "IV" is the roman numeral for four the same numeral tattooed on her parents' ring fingers as a sign of their solidarity.

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