Did you end your

Some couples try to avoid each other after their break up, separation or divorce while others keep in touch because of the beautiful memories they shared together. Some people have a good cordial relationship than romantic affairs.

We asked some Ghanaians if they would buy a gift for  their exes on their birthdays and here are some responses.

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Jhaynettejohnson - "Only if we are still friends... why not".

Richie.ix - "It depends".

Afriyiebrady - "Did it before, never again".

Beeekkaayyy - "not in this life or the next".

Mcdondra_x - "Yes of course"

Lesbians.hub - "Depends on why and how we broke up"/

Themangotwins - "Nope. Wouldn't be your duty anymore. You can't simply buy as friends because there is history there whether you choose to accept it or not".

Meite_tanakai - "Never".

Bella_kwartsy - "Hell no".

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Iam_shakiff - "Like a fool papa my gf left because of iPhone that was after Jhs wen I completed but now I have iPhones like 80 with me. She couldn't wait and the guy she was following too neva bought her an iPhone though he was a scammer she recently told me they've broken up I'm also enjoying in my relationship. That's how God works".

Djredpenn - "dats when she asks 4 it".

Lartey.nathaniel - "My gf saf I no dey buy her any gift on her bday how much more my ex".

R.malz - "What kind of nkwasia qs is this pls?".

Coco_reedah - "S3 de3n nti anka makoa".

Parryking_ - "Such arrant nonsense".

Official_oliverdey - "God forbid".

Aba211 - "Fr what reason?".

freshdinashY- "ES, I will buy him pizza mixed with DDT. Fuck it".

Nahhmeann - "Yes, court documents asking for all the money I gave her while we were together".

Nana__cillagh - "For what reason? nka ob3 wu twea kai".

Cecilcadollar- "Hell No".

Romeo4419 -"Yes if i am in good spirits"

Abena_green - "Yes..i did receive a gift as well on my birthday. Just Cool friends".

Bridget.n.lopez - "Haven't done that before but will do that if the need arise".

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Merillsams133- "Actually yh I will".

Joshuateye61- "Why I dey craze ???".

Barrister_cypher - "Nanka megyimi paaa".

Clickseezy_photography - "Would you still feed a dead dog?".

Albert_kingtito - "Yes, a fucking BOMB".

lBettythepersonalshopper  -"Sure, if I can afford to".

Bra_kwaku__ - "Apuuu, that silly girl?".

Simply_afia -"He hit me when we broke up, never will I buy him a gift".

Mr_smiley15 - "Hell Nah, my ex-birthday past 2wks ago lmao ".

Christianapkuaa2016  - "Yes of course".

Sasagh2 - "But you just mentioned EX? Meaning, it’s passed".