How to avoid bad dates this Christmas

Making someone laugh can be the way to their heart  but make sure it's said with a wink or a smirk


Why is Christmas the perfect time for flirting?

Everyone is in the party mood, excited about socialising and more willing to mingle with people outside of their social circle - including any hotties they spot at the bar!

Why are bad chat up lines rarely successful even if they are funny?

You want to chat someone up, not give them an excuse to slap you. So those cheeky chat up lines may not work as well as you'd think. Funny chat up lines will break the ice, but if you've never met this person, saying something like 'don't worry I'm not married anymore - I murdered my husband,' will probably go down like a lead balloon.

What is the most boring conversation you should avoid?

Anything that makes you want to run away and hide in a corner, until the party has finished. The weather, work and your ex's are normally top of the list - but as a rule - if it's going to send your friends to sleep then it's probably a good idea to stop talking.

Even as a joke why are insults never a good idea to try out on someone you like?

Mainly because it makes your potential suitor feel as though you're back in the school playground. A comment like 'I love tall men - so it's a shame your under 6ft isn't it? 'is definitely not clever - put down the insults and back away slowly!

Why can well-chosen funny chat up lines be effective?

Making someone laugh can be the way to their heart  but make sure it's said with a wink or a smirk. 'Feel my dress, you know what that is? Girlfriend material' will get a laugh and hopefully the conversation started.

How can sexual overtones be off putting?

Anything too dirty will make you feel sleazy, and both of you feel extremely awkward. There's nothing worse than that moment when silence bestows the conversation and one of you has to make an excuse to leave.

How can shy people help get over the initial approach?

If you fancy someone don't think about it too much - diving in head first will make you look confident - take a few deep breaths and just go for it. If you approach them like a nervous wreck, wired on coffee then you'll put them off from the word go. Your nerves will rub off on them and they'll try and end the conversation sharpish.

Source: Female First


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