Don't 'send your nudes' - Uncle Ebo Whyte list 20 things you may regret in life

According to Uncle Ebo Whyte, sending your nude photos to people will be one of the things you will regret in life.

Uncle Ebo Whyte

The Artistic Director and Lead Writer at Roverman Productions, James Ebo Whyte, has cautioned the youth on some 20 things they are likely to regret in life.

Amongst other things, the relationship coach noted that "sending nudes' will be much regretted.

He, hence, advised that it is important for every individual to value himself/herself to prevent any regret thereafter.

Read full list below:

20 Things You'd Regret In Life. - James Ebo Whyte

  1. Sending nudes. 
  2. You'll regret not being loyal to who is used by God to raise you up.
  3. Not taking education seriously. 
  4. You'll regret not seeking God early and not getting deeper with God.  
  5. You'll regret allowing people to push you around. 
  6. You'll regret not being humble and not being patient with people. 
  7. You'll regret not overcoming your anger. 
  8. You'll regret not keeping your sexual desires under control. 
  9. You'll regret not pursuing your passion in life. 
  10. You'll regret not taking time management seriously. 
  11. You'll regret not learning as many languages as you can. 
  12. You'll regret not nurturing your primary relationships. 
  13. You'll regret not forgiving yourself and forgiving others. 
  14. You'll regret not reading enough. 
  15. You'll regret not cultivating a savings culture. 
  16. You'll regret not being nice to people. 
  17. You'll regret being too timid in life. 
  18. You'll regret not learning to, express yourself well. 
  19. You'll regret postponing living. 
  20. You'll regret not valuing yourself. 

Value Yourself.


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