10 ways to make your wedding night memorable

What happens after the guests go home, you're far away from the music and it's time to take off those fancy clothes?

A groom dancing with his bride.

Every bride and groom dreams of a wonderful wedding night. What happens after the guests go home, you're far away from the music and it's time to take off those fancy clothes?

As a first-time couple it's okay to have expectations but you can make that expectation a reality which will remain special for the rest of your lives.

Inspired by Bridal Guide, here are a few things you can do to make your wedding memorable:


1. If you are the groom, sweep her off the ground. carrying the bride is more than just tradition, it's romantic.

2. Flirt during the wedding. It's all about both of you. Be focused on each other, steal kisses if you must.

3. Play your favorite tune in the comfort of your room. You can get in the mood with your favorite music as you both enter your honeymoon suite.

4. Wear something sexy for each other. That sexy lingerie you've been saving could be of good use this night.


5. Fill your honeymoon suite with fragrance. This is all about romance and chemistry. A few drops of essential oils on your bed. Get scented flowers and candles, this could enhance sexual arousal and desire.

6. Feed each other: Food is part of intimacy. Eating your favorite snack or fruit could get you both in the mood for love making.

7. Leave something sexy for each other in the bedroom: The groom can get the bride a sexy lingerie and the bride can get a sexy shorts she's been fancying for a while. This has a fun and sexy undertone to it.

8. Re-create your first time: For those couples who didn't practice abstinence before marriage, you can always recreate the first time you both made love. Wear the same thing you were putting on that day or play the same music.


9. No disturbance: It's not nice to carry wedding guests to your honeymoon suite. Their service to you should end at the reception. It's just the both of you now, don't kill the mood.

10. Change the light bulbs: Isn't it wonderful how the color of light changes the mood in a room? You can always instruct the wedding planner change the room light or fill the room with candles, whichever one you love.


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